The food we eat can have the most profound effects on how we feel and how we act, I sometimes look at a person who’s getting stressed out at a checkout or speak to a friend who isn’t handling a particular situation very well, or I think back to my own past experiences when I would feel so down both physically and mentally and it affected the way I treated my family and friends and the time I gave them. Knowing what I now know about the power of good nutrition I want to take all these people in and show them what they could to transform the way they act, re-act and feel day to day. 

Lack of the right nutrition can affect our day to productivity massively, whether at work, at home or in social situations. A person could be perceived as an introvert, ‘away with the fairies’, under performing at work, or as someone who lacks patience, or is aggressive, ‘snappy’ or ‘moody’, all of these traits could be linked to their nutrition.

It’s so vital, especially in today’s stressed out and rushed way of life, that we get the right nutrition for our unique needs.
It’s so easy to opt for convenience foods, crisps, bars and other packaged on-the-go foods. The tendency for so many people is to gear towards a way of eating that saves us time in the kitchen, wanting to maximise the time spent doing other things. It’s this way of thinking though that can lead to so many health issues in the future as well as make us feel like rubbish day to day! What’s the point in having more time if you just feel so rubbish that your productivity, body and mind suffers, your loved ones and work colleagues won’t thank you for that!
We should all be making positive changes towards the way we eat in order to increase productivity, by increasing our energy levels, improving clarity, feeling full of beans and looking great! Why doesn’t everyone want this?! The problem is we do all want this, but so many of us don’t realise the true power that nutrition holds when it comes to how we feel and perform. Nutrition isn’t just important for athletes, it’s important for all of us, everyday! I also think a lot of us simply think that the way we feel is just the way it is, maybe you think it’s just a natural part of the ageing process and just life. It really isn’t, we can all feel great everyday it’s just knowing what to do.
Here are some daily tips to live by, start to incorporate these one by one into your daily routine until you have them all mastered and being second nature:
  • Eat real, whole foods and avoid processed foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce.
  • Cook at home from scratch (and this can be done very quickly!) and bulk cook
  • DO include fat everyday (I will write a separate post on fats) eg avocado, salmon, nuts and nut butter, butter. Coconut oil, full fat products.
  • Include protein, fat and good carbohydrates at every meal and snack and eat this every 3-4 hours
  • Drink around 2 litres of filtered water daily, start the day with big glass of water with the juice of half a lemon, and also have a green smoothie eg celery, cucumber, spinach, kale, apple, lettuce.
  • Get to bed before or around 11pm and have a good 7-8 hours
  • Have a bedtime snack such as an oatcake with but butter or cottage cheese so your blood sugar doesn’t drop too low and stop you sleeping well.
  • Avoid alcohol late at night and as much as you can in general, saving it for special occasions.
  • Meditate! Even just 5-10 mins each day will do. Just to create some space in your day to be mindful and present can make a big difference to your wellbeing.
  • Strength train! Lay off cardio and build a weights programme into your weekly schedule even just one to sessions per week of a 15 min programme would do.

Best wishes as always, FLNutrition x