My Approach to Exercise

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The traditional exercise advice for women to lose weight has been to do lots and lots cardio each week. This might be in the form of running, using the cross trainer, spin classes, body combat style classes, aerobics and similar. I used to follow this advice and spent most of my twenties on treadmills and […]

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Confused about gluten and dairy? Should you or shouldn’t you?

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There’s a LOT of conflicting information out there about gluten and dairy, a lot of comes from people without the proper knowledge or qualifications to be talking about, whilst a lot of it comes from credible sources, but can you to know the difference? Hopefully that’s where I come in! When  one of my clients is suffering from digestive […]

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Are you thriving or surviving?

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Stress really does have a lot to answer for. Whilst we all need a certain level of stress in our lives, its when it becomes to much and chronic we can run into problems. When we’re feeling overwhelmed with life and stress is getting the better of us we can tend to just do our […]

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The Calorie Myth

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It’s long been drummed into us that ‘dieting’ is the way to lose weight. By ‘dieting’ I mean restricting calories and or food groups. So it’s no wonder that Britain’s dieting industry is worth an estimated £2billion. I speak to so many women, friends included, that are struggling to lose weight and whenever they set […]

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