Feeling overwhelmed about making changes to lead a healthier lifestyle?


I meet so many people that feel totally overwhelmed at the idea of changing their eating habits to become healthier. They tell me that they don’t see how they’re ever going to break their old habits, or have the time, money, skills or motivation needed to create new healthier ones. I’ve been in the same […]

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5 Steps to Clear Skin!


I meet so many people that tell me they struggle with skin breakouts and blemishes. I’m amazed by how much money some of us spend on our skin care regime in a bid to get clearer or younger looking skin. Skin health comes from the inside and I hope today’s tips will resonate with some […]

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Generic fat loss plans won’t work for us all…find out more about how I work with my clients


Generic online fat loss plans can be great for some people but for those who might have more going on in their bodies these plans can be too simplistic and generalised. We are all so unique and complex that a one size fits all idea or plan cannot take our individual differences and needs into […]

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Is sugar your nemesis? Here’s why and how you can quit


I never used to last a day without a bar of chocolate, or two, it was just something I didn’t even think about. Then there was all the ‘hidden’ or not so obvious sugar I was eating such as bowls of pasta, sauces, dressings, white wraps, big jacket potatoes, breakfast cereals, crackers etc. Back then […]

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