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Breakfast Power Smoothie


I’ve been having a smoothie for breakfast for a few years now. I find it so convenient and actually its the only breakfast that truly fills be up and leaves me feeling full and satisfied until lunchtime. I naturally have a big appetite, I always have, so for me to feel full until breakfast was a […]

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Chocolate Orange Protein Energy Balls


These handy little balls of power are a great portable snack on the go and a great post gym dose of carbohydrate from the dates. You can do make these with or without the protein powder but it would be ideal to include it to make them more of a protein hit snack. If you […]

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Salmon & Courgette Frittata


This breakfast is a really great way to start the day, and it can also be used for lunch too. I like to make this once a week and then I have enough for 3 or 4 breakfasts that week or a lunch on the go if needed. the combination of protein and healthy fats in […]

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Tamari, garlic and ginger salmon chunks

Tamari Salmon

This is my favourite salmon dish and its so easy to prepare, I do this at least once a week at the moment and it’s a big favourite in my house. I always make enough for dinner plus tomorrows lunch so I make sure to buy double the amount of salmon needed for one meal […]

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Homemade Chicken Liver Pate on Buckwheat


Chicken liver pate is super nutritious, rich in B vitamins (especially B 12), iron (helpful for anaemia or low iron levels) and vitamin A, and of course protein, it makes a great and satisfying snack, and tastes great too. Liver is also a fantastic source of phosphorous and magnesium. The number one benefit of eating liver is that […]

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