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Salmon & Sweet Potato Cakes


These fish cakes make a great post workout breakfast because of the sweet potato, for some extra carbs. They’re great for lunch with a crunchy salad or for dinner with some sautéed kale, tender stem broccoli and spinach. What you’ll need (serves 2): 1 tin (213 grams each) of wild salmon, break up with a fork 200g […]

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Chef Ramsey’s Jerk Chicken


My partner Mark is a musician first and keen dab hand in the kitchen second, much to my delight! He does most of the cooking in our house and I’m lucky to sit down to delicious made-from-scratch dishes most nights, all I need to do is steam or stir-fry a load of green and colourful […]

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Thai Green Salmon Curry

green salmon

Perfectly balanced for protein, good fat, quality carbohydrate, and fibre. It’s also a hit of omega 3 goodness (you should be aiming for 4-5 portions of oily fish per week). This is a comforting bowl of loveliness and one of my favourite Thai dishes ever. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. […]

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Spicy Courgette and Broccoli Soup

courgette soup

Thai is A real comforter and definitely one of my favourite home made soups, its so quick and simple to do, with minimal ingredients or fuss. Note that this soup, as with most, is without protein so if you’re having this as a meal do be sure to add some protein on the side. I like this […]

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Thai Chilli Chicken with Basil


Thai is my absolute favourite cuisine I think (alongside Italian food of course ;-)) As always this is so quick and simple, about 16 minutes in total! What you’ll need (serves 2): 2 chicken breasts (free range and preferably organic) approx 150g each raw weight 4 large garlic cloves 1 small red onion 2 red […]

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