Your ‘story’ determines the action that you take, or don’t take. Action also refers to your behaviours. We act and behave in a way that’s aligned with our ‘story’.

What do I mean by ‘story’? 

The STORY is the meaning that you’ve given to the events in your past and the events going on now. There are of course facts to the events that have occurred in your life, both past and present, but, the meaning and significance that we give these stories is OUR choice, although we are usually not doing this consciously. How we perceive these events and situations forms our story.

Your state is then determined by what you focus on, the language that you use, and your physiology, and your ‘strategy’ e.g. your behaviour and actions, is determined by your story and state.

Your story and your state form the foundation of your success of failure.

Change your story and you’ll change your life!

There’s usually a story that holds us back from achieving whatever it is we want to achieve. The way we view the world and the beliefs we have about ourselves and what is possible for us, shapes our behaviour. You can choose to change this NOW.

If we shift our story and beliefs to ones that are more positive and empowering we can shift our actions and behaviours into ones that are positive, empowering, and in alignment with our goals.

Let’s say for example you are a women with a fat loss goal. Maybe you’ve wanted to lose weight for years and have tried various diets and strategies but nothing has actually worked, or at least worked for the longterm. Now you are still at a weight and size that you’re unhappy with. You might feel sluggish and down on yourself about it. From here you would have constructed a story (likely subconciously) that losing weight is hard for you, that someone like you isn’t ever going to have the body she wants, it’s just not meant for you.

This is a ‘story’ not fact. But we get so caught up in the story that we believe it to be true and tell it and believe it like it is fact.

Here are some examples of ‘stories’ we might tell ourselves:

  • I have a slow metabolism becomes my metabolism works really well when I fuel it with enough of and the right kinds of foods.
  • I don’t have as much money and time as she does becomes I can achieve the same as anyone else regardless of the amount of time or money I have or don’t have and we all have the same number of hours in the day to work with.
  • I’m naturally heavy my parents always told me that becomes I am capable of being the size and shape I want to be and my past weight story has nothing to do with what’s possible for me.
  • I store fat easily becomes my body burns fat efficiently when I fuel it well and know how to move in a way that works FOR my body not against it.
  • I struggle to lose weight and keep it off becomes I can lose weight now and keep it off forever
  • Being slim and in shape isn’t meant for someone like me becomes I have an amazing body that can be in shape and slim when I have the right beliefs and manage my state to enable me to live in alignment with my body goals.

These ‘stories’ can be re-framed so that your focus can change in order for you to change your life and achieve your long awaited goal – which IS possible for you, trust me.

Tell yourself better stories.

How can you change YOUR stories today?

In every situation or event, both past and present, ask yourself “How else could I see this?” “What is the good in this?”

Ask yourself WHY you believe this to be true? Do you have utter and undeniable proof that it’s the case?

Focus on what’s there versus what’s lacking

What’s good not what’s bad

So today take 10 minutes to sit and ask yourself:

  • What beliefs are holding you back today from achieving your goals and being the person you want to be?
  • What do you new beliefs need to be?
  • How will you ensure you practice those beliefs daily?

Write your answers down and really reflect on them. Today can be the first day of the rest of your life, and I’ve totally got your back :-)

If you want help with this stuff and achieving your ultimate long awaited fat loss and health goals then get in touch with me today. I spend my days helping incredible women just like you, and I love nothing more that helping women see the unshakeable strength, beauty and ability they have within themselves, that they’ve always had, they just didn’t know how to tap into it. You can email me as and we can set up a time to speak on the phone about how I can help you move forward.

With love