So Coca Cola have launched their new ‘life’ drink, their so called healthy alternative to their regular coke. Coca cola think that by replacing a tiny proportion of the sugar in Coke with a Stevia based sweetener, that they are helping to reduce the incidences of obesity at a time when the Western world is facing an obesity epidemic. There are 5 teaspoons of sugar per can of Coke Life, compared to 8 teaspoons in a can of in normal Coke. Whilst this 3 teaspoon reduction is positive, it hardly warrants the term ‘life’ or ‘healthy’ to be associated with the drink. Maybe the best of a very bad bunch of drinks? If only these companies would take responsibility and accept that they are partly responsible for the obesity epidemic we are facing, advertising this new stevia based drink as ‘healthy’ is just absurd. The marketing behind these drinks is powerfully attractive, using green labels and words like ‘life’ to the unsuspecting public. The labels of these drinks shows the amount of sugar per 100ml, but 1 can contains 330ml, so that number needs to be multiplied by 3.3, furthermore most people don’t even read labels, they may just trust that a drink with a green label that uses words such as ‘life’ and ‘natural’ is healthy. You can be forgiven for allowing the attractive and clever marketing to reel you in but please don’t be fooled into thinking this green labelled version of coke is a healthy alternative.

Read labels! Know how many grams of carbs ‘of which sugars’ there are and see how many ml’s that value is referring to then check how many ml’s you are actually drinking and work it out. There are 4g of sugar in one teaspoon. So if you see 12g of carbohydrates of which sugars per 100ml that’s 3 teaspoons of sugar.