Courgette makes a great healthy and nutritious alternative to regular noodles or spaghetti.

What are the benefits of using courgette instead of regular wheat or rice based noodles or spaghetti?

Well, rice and wheat, although far better when the brown version, are higher in whats known as ‘glycemic load’ than non-starchy vegetables like courgettes. Glycemic load basically refers to how quickly a particular food releases sugar into your bloodstream, the slower the better for health, energy levels and weight management. So, using courgette instead will reduce the glycemic load of your meal AND provide you with more fibre and nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, vitamin C, magnesium, vitamins B6 and B12, and some iron and calcium. If that’s not a good enough reason I don’t know what is!

You can use a Julienne peeler or go all out and get yourself a spiraliser like this one. I started off just using a peeler which is totally fine, and then once I started to have courgette noodles/spaghetti multiple times each week I decided to upgrade to the spiraliser and it’s been totally worth it, its quick and easy to rinse off and store on top of my cooker out of the way but with easy access. I use courgette in place of spaghetti when I make a nice bolognese sauce, in place of noodles with Thai dishes, or just thrown into a stir-fry with lots of other veg (in this case I usually slice cut the noodles up into smaller bits). I also use my spiraliser for carrots and beetroot to add to stir-fries or salads, its just great!

courgette noodles