Something I’ve made a pact with myself to never say is “I can’t eat that”


Well, firstly because it’s not true. I can have whatever I want at any time.

Secondly, to tell myself or others that I “can’t” eat something suggests to myself that number 1) I’m being forced to follow someone else’s rules, and number 2) that I really wish I could have it, and woe is me what a sad and enjoyable life it is if I can’t have it.

If you’re constantly telling yourself that you CAN’T have this or that, then you’re subtly reminding your subconscious that what you’re doing (i.e. CHOOSING to eat healthily for your AMAZING body and for your goals) is a burden.

You’re basically saying something like this:

“This healthy lifestyle stuff is horrible, but I HAVE to do it and I CAN’T eat what I want because I dislike my body just slightly more than I dislike doing this healthy lifestyle stuff at the moment”

Does that sound like the path to success to you?

No, it doesn’t, and it isn’t

Change your inner dialogue and your attitude towards the journey to vibrant health and the body weight you want to achieve. Mindfully intervene when thoughts like this come up.

The reality is as a society we have come to place A LOT of misplaced value on junk food and we see it as a reward and a treat. Rather than seeing it for what it actually is which is unhelpful for our health goals (if you have such goals that is!). I have a very different relationship with food now than I did 10 years ago and so I don’t value junk food therefore I don’t have to say “I can’t have that”, saying that would suggest I’m depriving myself of something. But I don’t see not having junk food as depriving myself of anything.

Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT to say that I don’t enjoy cake, chocolate or other desserts, or a bag of Kettle Chips (yes the big bags!), but this stuff should be part of my overall approach to my health and my weight. I eat in a way that isn’t at all deprivational i.e. my body gets all that it needs each day to thrive, have good energy levels, well-functioning brain cells, and balanced hunger hormones, therefore i don’t crave this stuff – I just fancy it every now and again and so I have it, no guilt or shame, i just have it, enjoy in and move on.

If you focus on nourishment instead of restriction, on what you CAN have versus what you shouldn’t have, on what you put IN versus what you should take out, you’ll soon find those cravings and ‘addictions’ to various junk food items fall to the wayside.

Trust me when I say my diet when I was the ‘old me’ was pretty shocking, to think I’d ever not need or want confectionary and crisps every single day, or to binge drink every weekend, would have sounded like madness to me.

After years of yo-yo’ing in weight, jumping from diet to diet, restricting like mad and then all out eating everything and anything, I finally found out how wrong I was doing things.

I speak from a place of MASSIVE experience with this stuff, and now also with knowledge and qualifications to guide you in the same way.

So, the BIGGEST point I want you to take from this is to starts focusing on what needs to go in, then what doesn’t need to go in will naturally fall by the wayside and when you DO have it you can and should enjoy it guilt free. The difference is not having and/or relying on it daily.

Go forth and be amazing! I have every faith in you xxx

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