Do you want to lose weight? Are you trying to lose weight?

How long have you been trying for? Has it become a staple struggle for you in your life that you’ve almost just accepted?

For almost 10 years I did a new diet at least a few times a year. Sometimes it was the mainstream diet clubs in your local area and sometimes it was the latest dieting book that has been released with promises of being THE actual diet that would work this time.

I fell for all the fads and all the superfoods claiming to ‘melt body fat’

I joined a gym and did multiple spin classes, entered myself in 10k runs and half marathons in a bid to make sure I did a large amount of running each week, boot camps, and spent hours on cross trainers and treadmills.

I lost weight and gained weight over and over for ten years and times I never lost anything despite all the exercise and dieting.

It was SO frustrating!

I blamed my body, my willpower, and my resolve. I told myself I just wasn’t meant to be slim and in shape. I was ‘big boned’ and naturally ‘chubby’ and always will be (apparently).

Then one day I decided that something had to change, that maybe it wasn’t my fault, maybe there was a better way. I’d started to see a nutritional therapist for some digestive and skin issues I was having and she asked me about my diet and lifestyle. She told me that my digestive issues were likely linked to my constant calorie restriction and excessive cardio workouts. I couldn’t believe it, how could these things be linked?! She also suggested that the dieting and exercising was actually keeping me overweight and out of shape rather than the other way around. I thought she must be mad, but then I started looking into her claims properly and found that she might just be right.

From there my life changed, health, body and mind changed completely.

It didn’t happen overnight but once the wheels were in motion my body started changing. I was no longer starving myself, I was just fuelling my body with enough of the right types of foods each day to allow my metabolism to thrive and be happy, and I started lifting weights instead of all the cardio I was doing each week. I went for light 20 minute jogs when I fancied feeling the wind in my hair but that was pretty much it for regular cardio.

I started thinking about what I’ve been doing for the last 10 years and how detrimental it was. It got me thinking about the people I was taking advice from too, e.g. fitness instructors, who, although amazing at the fitness side of things, weren’t very knowledgeable on the nutrition side, and the mainstream diet companies that trained people up over a 6 week period on how to take people through the diet but didn’t actually learn or understand how the body and metabolism works. Maybe these diet clubs were just selling me a product to their gain? Something that CAN indeed work in the short term but what about long-term effects to my health and weight?

The diets were killing my metabolism and muscle tone and the excessive cardio was adding fuel to the fire. I was losing weight in the short term but then I was left with a slow metabolism and ‘skinny-fat’ body. I lost weight on the scales but most of that had come from water and muscle weight rather than actual fat weight. The weight piled back on eventually, every single time.

Once I started looking at my nutrition as a whole rather than grabbing the nearest diet plan to follow, I started to realize that my body needed MORE food, and LESS exercise, and different exercise! I focused on the nutrients my body needed and made sure I got those in at every meal in good balance. Protein and fat being the first place I needed to start, as my protein was low and fat non-existent in my diet. I increased fibre from plenty of vegetables and quality carbohydrates rather than the processed kind that came with promised of fibre and added nutrients on the box. I started seeing a personal trainer who took me through a quality weights training session once a week and gave me a weights programme to follow on 2 other days of the week.

Amazing things started to happen and after 6-12 months I was a completely different person both inside and out. Discovering a shape I never even knew I had. I have never looked back and was so inspired by what I had done that I spent the next 4 years training to become a nutritional therapies and now I teach women how to sustainably lose weight and change their health, body and mind forever.

I’ve maintained my weight and shape for almost 10 years now, which is something I could only dream about in my 20’s. I love my food, I love how I eat and I don’t struggle anymore. I truly truly want the same thing for all the amazing women out there who are struggling with their weight.

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