NutriClean 21 day Guided Detox Plan

This is a great cleansing programme ideal for kick-starting a healthy new you, a weight loss programme, addressing hormonal imbalance or energy issues or to generally help you to feel great and gain a  new lease of life. Cleanse yourself in preparation for a wedding or your dream holiday or just to fit into that little black dress.

The 21 day guided detox plan aims to cleanse your body of toxins and provide nourishment to your body’s cells whilst discovering a new found love for wonderfully healthy food and inspire positive changes to the way you eat for life!

Whilst juice only diets can be great to help take the pressure off of your digestive system and kick start a healthier lifestyle they are difficult to sustain and tend not to provide the specific nutrients that are needed for true liver detoxification. These nutrients are found in particular foods for example particular amino acids that are only found in certain protein foods.

You need not feel hungry on this plan, you can eat an abundance of tasty, nutritious food, this detox is not about restriction!

Give your liver some love by helping your body clear excess toxins that may be causing hormonal imbalances and therefore negative hormonal health issues.

Here’s how the programme works:

We will start by having a 60 minute initial consultation where we will discuss the detox plan in detail and address any questions or concerns you may have.  I will give you advice, tips and guidance on how to complete the 14 days as successfully as possible. We will discuss the supplements included as part of the plan and why they are necessary. You will receive your meal plan and recipes and we will take and record your starting measurements. During the next 7 days you will receive your supplements and be prepping for the start of the plan.

You will have contact with me throughout the duration of the detox and at the end we will look at your results together and come up with a maintenance plan for going forward.

Cost: £299 which includes:

  • 60 minute face to face consultation (in person or via Skype) as described above
  • Specific supplements to support the programme
  • Recipes and meal plans
  • Regular support from me throughout, via email
  • 20 minute follow up telephone consultation at the end of the programme

Call me now on 07860 573 901 for a free no obligation chat to see if this plan may be right for you