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Change your ‘story’ to change your life


Your ‘story’ determines the action that you take, or don’t take. Action also refers to your behaviours. We act and behave in a way that’s aligned with our ‘story’.

What do I mean by ‘story’? 

The STORY is the meaning that you’ve given to the events in your past and the events going on now. There are of course facts to the events that have occurred in your life, both past and present, but, the meaning and significance that we give these stories is OUR choice, although we are usually not doing this consciously. How we perceive these events and situations forms our story.

Your state is then determined by what you focus on, the language that you use, and your physiology, and your ‘strategy’ e.g. your behaviour and actions, is determined by your story and state.

Your story and your state form the foundation of your success of failure.

Change your story and you’ll change your life!

There’s usually a story that holds us back from achieving whatever it is we want to achieve. The way we view the world and the beliefs we have about ourselves and what is possible for us, shapes our behaviour. You can choose to change this NOW.

If we shift our story and beliefs to ones that are more positive and empowering we can shift our actions and behaviours into ones that are positive, empowering, and in alignment with our goals.

Let’s say for example you are a women with a fat loss goal. Maybe you’ve wanted to lose weight for years and have tried various diets and strategies but nothing has actually worked, or at least worked for the longterm. Now you are still at a weight and size that you’re unhappy with. You might feel sluggish and down on yourself about it. From here you would have constructed a story (likely subconciously) that losing weight is hard for you, that someone like you isn’t ever going to have the body she wants, it’s just not meant for you.

This is a ‘story’ not fact. But we get so caught up in the story that we believe it to be true and tell it and believe it like it is fact.

Here are some examples of ‘stories’ we might tell ourselves:

  • I have a slow metabolism becomes my metabolism works really well when I fuel it with enough of and the right kinds of foods.
  • I don’t have as much money and time as she does becomes I can achieve the same as anyone else regardless of the amount of time or money I have or don’t have and we all have the same number of hours in the day to work with.
  • I’m naturally heavy my parents always told me that becomes I am capable of being the size and shape I want to be and my past weight story has nothing to do with what’s possible for me.
  • I store fat easily becomes my body burns fat efficiently when I fuel it well and know how to move in a way that works FOR my body not against it.
  • I struggle to lose weight and keep it off becomes I can lose weight now and keep it off forever
  • Being slim and in shape isn’t meant for someone like me becomes I have an amazing body that can be in shape and slim when I have the right beliefs and manage my state to enable me to live in alignment with my body goals.

These ‘stories’ can be re-framed so that your focus can change in order for you to change your life and achieve your long awaited goal – which IS possible for you, trust me.

Tell yourself better stories.

How can you change YOUR stories today?

In every situation or event, both past and present, ask yourself “How else could I see this?” “What is the good in this?”

Ask yourself WHY you believe this to be true? Do you have utter and undeniable proof that it’s the case?

Focus on what’s there versus what’s lacking

What’s good not what’s bad

So today take 10 minutes to sit and ask yourself:

  • What beliefs are holding you back today from achieving your goals and being the person you want to be?
  • What do you new beliefs need to be?
  • How will you ensure you practice those beliefs daily?

Write your answers down and really reflect on them. Today can be the first day of the rest of your life, and I’ve totally got your back :-)

If you want help with this stuff and achieving your ultimate long awaited fat loss and health goals then get in touch with me today. I spend my days helping incredible women just like you, and I love nothing more that helping women see the unshakeable strength, beauty and ability they have within themselves, that they’ve always had, they just didn’t know how to tap into it. You can email me as francesca@flnutrition.co.uk and we can set up a time to speak on the phone about how I can help you move forward.

With love



The dieting industry doesn’t know how to help you


The UK’s £2 billion dieting industry likes to take credit for weight loss success and then blames the inevitable re-gain of the weight on the person’s ‘lack of willpower’ for not being able to stick to the (completely unsustainable) diet for life.

But, what really causes the re-gain in weight is the body trying to re-balance its energy system to support a metabolism that has been undernourished and unsupported for so long. The result of this is weight gain.

Then the person blames herself for not being able to do it when in actual fact you have done EVERYTHING the right way in terms of what you’ve been told. It’s just that your body has gone against what you’ve done/are doing because caloric restriction ISN’T how things are meant to be. The fact is that the body shouldn’t have been on the ‘diet’ in the first place. Your body shouldn’t be subjected to a low calorie diet for a prolonged amount of time. But the billion pound dieting industry would have us firmly believe otherwise.

When you restrict your daily calorie intake to numbers as low as 1200 your metabolism suffers as it doesn’t have the amount of energy it needs to carry out all of its chemical processes that keep your body and health thriving, this then leads to a slowing down of your metabolism.

If the dieting industry understood that increased hunger, decreased metabolism, and intense psychological distress are normal responses to quick ‘weight loss’ then the weight loss companies wouldn’t make the money they do. So its convenient for them not to know this about how the body works. Their ignorance (and hence the public’s ignorance) allows mainstream weight loss companies to make (a tonne of) money from a steady supply of repeat customers, plus lifetime customers, in a way that appears genuine.

But why do so many people put them themselves through these diets over and over again, usually for years? I was one of those people throughout my 20’s which is why I’m SO passionate about women understanding the truth about their body’s and their weight. We starve and restrict ourselves, go mad on the cardio machines at the gym, live with the low energy and feelings of hunger, only to see the weight come back once we stop the diet, and of course blame ourselves for the re-gain because we’re too weak to keep up with the diet.

Dieting teaches us to ignore our body’s hunger signals (we’re meant to be hungry on a diet right?); which leads most people to overeat when the opportunity comes along (e.g. presented with your favourite high carb, sugary or processed food). The long-term deprivation and restriction of these diets causes binge-eating behaviour in susceptible people (a lot of us), and then weight gain, which the diets were intended to cure!

Simply put – dieting is insane, and yo-yo/repeat dieting even more insane! Yet so many women are doing it, over and over, going back to the diets that ‘work’ for them ‘whenever they need to lose weight’, which again is madness! For a ‘diet’ to have been successful you would never re-gain the weight lost. Diets are not sustainable and therefore neither are your results.

In 2018 I want to help as many women as possible to learn the RIGHT way to lose body fat and KEEP IT OFF.

I want all women to understand that weight loss is not something separate from their health and how their body functions as a whole. Health and balanced hormones = fat loss and ideal body weight.

So many women go to the gym and put their body’s through punishing workouts and in most cases it’s a LOT of cardio based sessions and so called ‘HIIT’ classes. They’re also punishing their bodies with low calorie diets, juice fasts, low fat and going too low carb.

But if we can just take a step back and look at this from the outside for a minute – why on earth would your body respond positively to this??

Your metabolism is made up of all of your organs (liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, gut, muscles, brain) and if they don’t get the right amount of energy (calories) from the right kinds of foods why would they work for you? How can they thrive on your behalf? They can’t, and eventually after a while of restricting foods and calories and battering it at the spin classes, ‘HIIT’ or ‘shred’ classes, it’s going to start slowing down and pushing back against all that you’re doing to it. The result is low energy, unhappy hormones, digestive issues, fat gain, trouble sleeping, and more.

So please, in 2018, stop punishing your amazing and precious body and start loving and nourishing it. Exercise because it feels good and moves your body or makes you strong, NOT to work off last nights dinner or the donut you had at work.

Ask yourself how can I eat and move today in a way that nourishes my body and all its amazing organs (your metabolism)? How can I train/move/exercise today to bring about a positive hormonal response in my body and build muscle mass (which is what supports metabolism to thrive and burn fat)? Some days that might be walking and nothing else because you might not have slept well the night before (if you want to train hard you need to sleep well), some days it might be yoga and another day it might be a good quality resistance training session (where you push or lift weights ????️‍♂️ that are heavier than your handbag!).

I love you and your body, and you should love you and your body too ????????

What do YOU believe is possible?


One of the biggest things that holds a person back from achieving their goal is their belief about themselves and what is possible for THEM v’s what they believe is only possible for other people.

We all have a ‘story’ that we believe about ourselves and about what is possible for us to achieve, and its this ‘story’ that can make or break your success with any goal.

Let’s say for example that your story is that YOU’RE just not meant to be slim or have the shape you want, and that being in good shape is for other women but not YOU. Or that you would never be able to run your own business and work for yourself, that’s only for other people, who have more of this or less of that etc. etc.

With the wrong story/set of beliefs the action will never get taken, or you might start to take action but soon enough that action will stop. 

People with a fat loss goal are usually looking for the perfect ‘strategy’ or ‘plan’ to follow, that will get them the results they want. But the BIG step they’re missing out here is checking in with themselves on their ‘story’/ set of beliefs about themselves, to make sure the story is an empowering one that will allow them to STICK TO THE PLAN! Simply jumping ahead to the action stage stage without working on your stories will only end up in you falling flat on your face a few weeks or months in to the plan. The key lies in addressing your beliefs/your story, changing that story and ONLY THEN embarking on a plan (of course this does need to be the RIGHT type of plan though!)

So, you first need to become the person you need to be in order to achieve the results you want to achieve. This means changing your identity, because the identity you currently hold isn’t in alignment with what you want for yourself. I had to do this and can firmly say that I have become the person I need to be, in order to FEEL the way I want to feel and be the weight I want to be. It doesn’t happen overnight and it takes a lot of consistent practice but if you REALLY want it you can have it. 

E.g. ‘I want to be slim and in shape and healthy and active…etc.’ – BUT you’re not living a naturally active life, you hate healthy food, you hate exercising, you don’t value or prioritise your sleep and most importantly you don’t believe that being in amazing shape AND maintaining it for life is possible for YOU. 

This person WON’T achieve her weight loss goal and no amount of weight loss plans will fix this.

If you don’t believe something is possible for you then you will subconsciously sabotage yourself along the way to stop it from happening. Your inner self starts to see results and feels uncomfortable with the change that it doesn’t actually believe SHOULD happen for them, so it sabotages your progress to get you back to your old comfortable habits again where it feels safe.

The typical dieting mentality is that results are only temporary and the weight WILL come back but we just keep doing various diets to get rid of it again. That we need to diet again and again throughout life to keep slim. That weight loss (results) should happen fast. That we shouldn’t eat much food and we should exercise loads.

So we subconsciously believe that re-gaining the weight is inevitable and therefore hold ourselves back from trying to achieve it in a slow but SUSTAINABLE way, because we’re programmed to believe that isn’t possible, plus we like to stick with old familiar behaviours. If results are slow we get frustrated and revert back to old habits and say ‘the diet didn’t work’ or ‘I am bad at losing weight and meant to be big’.

“Losing weight is hard for me”

No, weight loss is hard for people who don’t first work on their identity and beliefs BEFORE following the strategy/plan.

What’s YOUR belief about what fat loss really is, and what YOU can achieve? Truly deeply what do you believe? If you don’t truly believe that what you’re going for is possible for you then you won’t get there.

So first work on your beliefs, your story. Create a powerful and vivid vision of yourself and your life as if you have already achieved your goal, and then create a list (about 10) of ‘I Am’ statements and positive affirmations from this vision that you repeat daily, and start to truly believe.

Only then will the right action get taken and the results come.

Who are you when you’ve achieved the goal?

What does your day look like?

What things do you do for fun and relaxation?

How do you behave?

How do you talk about and to yourself?

Who do you spend time with and who do you NOT spend time with?

What’s your emotional state like?

What do you focus on? E.g. are you focusing on what’s lacking v’s what’s you already have are are?

What do you think of yourself and love about yourself?

Write your answers to the above questions in a notebook and then create some powerful ‘I Am’ statements from it, such as:

  • “I am not able to lose weight” becomes “I am fully able to lose weight when I work on what I believe is possible and have the right plan”
  • “I am too old to lose weight and have the body I want” becomes “I am young enough to achieve what I want”
  • “I am not good enough” becomes “I am always good enough”
  • “I am not as good as” becomes “I am as good as”
  • “I am fat” becomes “I am fit and healthy and working towards being even more so”

Etc. etc.

Go forth and change your beliefs and stories to ones that empower you to start living in alignment with your goals…with all the love and support,


The Weight Loss Race, how much do you have to lose?


We live in a society where we want everything instantly, now and at our fingertips, even when it comes to losing weight fast. We want fast weight loss once we’ve got to a point where we say ‘enough is enough I’m fed up of this excess weight’ and then we’re usually on a mission to shed the pounds as quickly as possible. Whilst I totally understand the frustration and urgency (I’ve been there myself), the fact is if you have more than a stone in weight to lose, and you want to lose it for life, then the process should be slow. Think of it as a marathon rather than a sprint. Taking it slow and easy, making small, sustainable changes that bring about LONG TERM weight loss.

If a person is overweight or obese they will have an unhealthy body fat percentage (over 25% for men and over 30% for women), the key thing here is to get that body fat percentage down to a healthy level (do you know what yours is?), and the trouble with trying to lose this excess weight fast you are likely to give up long before you’ve got yourself to a healthy body fat percentage because the changes you’ll be making are likely to be unsustainable and will be making you feel quite miserable. If you’re overweight or obese take it slow, change the way you eat little by little over a long period of time (a year and upwards), making sustainable changes that become new habits. Then once you’ve learned and understood good lifestyle habits with how to eat well for life, you will be gradually and gradually taking yourself towards a healthy body fat percentage.

So, don’t rush. Think long term!

There are lots of online lines plans out there that promise to “burn all your fat off in just three months” and whilst these can and do work for lots of people (those with less than a stone to lose) do the changes last for life? Is the plan or exercise regime sustainable? Or does the weight pile back on again once you’ve got where you want to be? And have you reverted back to your ‘normal’ way of eating having NOT learned and understood good sustainable lifestyle habits?

The Marathon

Healthy new habits need to be taught and formed so that they become second nature, for life, including exercise. This is the marathon. Think of it like this: you’ve just signed up for the London marathon but you’ve never run for more than about 10 minutes before, on a treadmill, but you’ve set yourself the challenge nonetheless. The training takes months and months before you’d even be able to run half a marathon, and then further months to get to the 26 mille mark. But you get there and you form good running habits (as well as strengthening your mind) that will stay with you for life. A marathon is a very long distance and no one wants to run too fast too soon or they’ll just burn out! A marathon runner will never sprint from the start line instead they steadily pace themselves to get to the 26 miles finish line, otherwise they would just burn out and never reach it.

If you have more than 3-5 stone to lose you do not want to take on a quick plan to blast your body fat fast because you’ll burn out too soon before you’ve got close to your goal. Instead you want to find a steady nutrition pace that you can live with and maintain for years, and your reward? Reaching your goal and probably even more, happily, healthily and FOR LIFE.

If you have that last 1 stone to lose (usually the hardest stone to lose) you can tighten your nutrition and exercise up over a matter of weeks until you’ve get to your goal, having already learned and formed good nutrition and lifestyle habits that you can sustain. You can go all out (sprint rather than marathon) for a short amount of time (about 4 weeks).


So if someone is training for a marathon from scratch they shouldn’t sprint like mad from the start, just like a 5 stone overweight person shouldn’t jump on a 90 plan to burn their body fat fast. Vice versa if you’re a sprinter you DO need to sprint like mad from the start just like if you have a stone or less to shift you CAN embark on a more intense and tight fat burning plan for some weeks.

The problem is there are so many obese people, who are desperate to lose weight, and they want to do it fast, so they try to sprint their way to their goal weight and restrict their nutrition by dramatically cutting calories and cutting out certain food groups, whilst going mad in the gym! But then they (inevitably) hit a wall and cannot sustain it, and who can blame them, I couldn’t and nor would I want to sustain that.Obese people need to see their weight loss journey as a MARATHON and trust that they WILL reach their goal successfully and smartly for life as long as they don’t try to sprint. No rushing, just pacing, comfortably.

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