Something that’s massively overlooked by the dieting industry is the mindset work that’s SO necessary if we want to bring about permanent change. So many people believe that weight loss is simply about following a plan or set of rules until the weight is lost. If we can’t follow the rules we’re failures, who lack will power. But not working on your mindset either before or alongside the plan is like putting the cart before the horse. Not addressing your identity or who you are as a person (your behaviours, habits, and beliefs) means you’re likely to fall flat on your face half way through or go back to old ways once the plan is finished.

Whenever I tell people what I do I hear things like “what’s the best food to eat to lose weight?” or “I need to to write me a weight loss food plan”. I cringe inside when I hear this stuff; with no judgement to the person who’s said it; but its just another reminder of how misinformed the general public is when it comes to successful weight loss and what’s ACTUALLY required to make change.

The “Just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” mentality (a mentality that the dieting industry has shaped) demonstrates a lack of ownership of the process, it basically says, “I don’t want to think about or work on what I need to do; I just want to change my body so tell me the plan and I’ll follow it”

But if you want long-term fat loss you HAVE to take ownership of the process. Yes you will likely need guidance but in the end its on YOU to do the work. My coaching programme is all about me educating and empowering you to take ownership of your own nutrition and lifestyle decisions, and to continually progress the practice for the rest of your life.

If you’re just following a diet and exercise plan and hoping to get to your goal weight, with no plan as to how you’ll maintain the weight loss once the unsustainable and unenjoyable diet is over – then you’ll stay stuck in the perpetuating yo-yo dieting cycle forever.

Following a set of rules on auto pilot won’t prepare you for those inevitable times when you have to make tough choices. For example, if you are at a party and you need to make a decision about the best choice you can make to stay in alignment with your goals.

If you need to think on the fly once in a while, which you certainly will, you’ll be much better equipped to do so if you truly believe that every day and every situation is another opportunity to learn and refine your healthy new lifestyle.

Believing that the planning of your journey to health is someone else’s responsibility entirely will put you at an immediate disadvantage.

So, take ownership of your goals. Learn as much as you can and assess your own attitudes, behaviours, and beliefs along the way. It is a mistake to assume that lifestyle change happens by stepping where someone tells you to step without any other considerations.

New habits must be created, that means your identity must change, you need to be someone new, to act, behave, think and believe in alignment with what it is that you’re trying to achieve.

An example of this outside of weight loss or health is when it comes to building a business. in 2015 I left my corporate career to set up my own business as a nutritional therapist and coach. I expected to start following some rules when it comes to setting up a business including things like the set up itself and the marketing etc. – otherwise known as ‘the strategy’.

Little did I know that for me to build a successful business I needed to become someone I’ve never been before. My old identity (beliefs about myself, actions, behaviours and habits) needed to be transformed before I could even begin to be successful and maintain this success. I am still on this journey and its an ongoing one.

The very same goes for weight loss.

One last thing to add is that you obviously need to be on the RIGHT nutrition plan, rather than a mainstream diet that simply looks at calories and leaves you feeling hungry and deprived. This ISN’T the right plan.

So, WHO to you need to become in order to make these new rules and habits become part of who you are? What work do you need to do on yourself to start changing your identity in favour of weight loss and great health?

In my private Facebook community I’ll be running a 7 day challenge from next week to help the ladies in the group to start working on their identity, and finding out who they need to become in order to reach and stay at their goals, and how to start moving towards that new identity straight away. Click here to join the group if you want to take part in the challenge and start improving your life! If you’re reading this after April 2018 then you can still join the private community for lots of inspiration and support on your weight loss journey!

With love

Francesca xx