Working with me as your coach for an extended period will give you the best chance for successful and SUSTAINABLE  lifestyle changes.

Book a complimentary Breakthrough Call with me where we can talk about your current struggles, your goal, and how I might be able to help you. This is a chance to find out if my programmes are right for you. 

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I will show you:

  • How to eat for YOU, to combat cravings – and I might even get you craving greens!
  • How to break the pattern of shame and blame so you can experience positive shifts to your mindset and experience happiness and contentment.
  • How to boost your metabolism and burn fat, even whilst you sleep! And all while eating delicious healthy, food that you used to believe was off limits!
  • Any possible imbalances you may have such as hormones, thyroid, gut health, sleep, toxicity, nutrient deficiencies, and more, because if just one of these things is off balance, it could be the thing that is keeping you from losing weight!

I don’t just skim the surface; I delve deep into your health history during our time together and make sure no stone is left unturned to give you the BEST results, including, emotions, mindset, and lifestyle.

My support is 100% customised to YOU, removing all the guesswork and confusion. 

Are you?

  • Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?
  • Fed up of creating plans by yourself, plus the fact that you never actually see them through because you’re not sure its even the right plan?
  • A serial yo-yo dieter who just cannot seem to get/keep the weight off?
  • Fed up of restrictive diets and spending hours at the gym just to be left feeling  drained, exhausted and still overweight?
  • Feeling like you’ve tried everything but you’re just not losing weight and you don’t know what else to do?
  • Confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting info out there?
  • Committed to reaching your goal and willing to make the changes that will finally get you (sustainable) results?



OPTION 1: Breakthrough to Health & Weight Loss 1:1 Coaching Programme (6 months): 

  • 1 x 90 minute initial-extensive consultation via video Skype where we go through your health and lifestyle questionnaire and your current eating style, habits, struggles and your goals.
  • A personalised plan based on your lifestyle, your needs and your goals so that you have EXACT nutritional blueprint that will work for you. I don’t do cookie cutter programs!
  • 7 day food planner completely tailored to you and your requirements so you don’t have to guess what to eat each day. You will have a balanced plan that will ensure sustained energy + balanced blood sugar throughout the day so that binge eating is a thing of the past.
  • 14 x 50 minute 1:1 follow up calls – we will speak regularly throughout the 6 months to ensure you stay on track for success. I will hold you accountable and manage any struggles you have in this session.
  • Email support throughout – so you don’t have to guess or wait if you have questions in between sessions. This will ensure that if you have any “wobbles” and your hand starts reaching for the biscuit tin, I can guide you on how to effectively manage this.
  • Private Facebook group – an intimate group where you can ask even more questions and get support & motivation from like – minded women that are on the same path as you. We all need support on this journey!
  • Lifetime access to a private members area – housing a library of resources, recipes, exercise advice, handouts, cheat sheets and short videos to ensure you stay on track both throughout the programme and for the longterm.


  • A Welcome Pack  filled with inspiration.
  • Lifetime 10% discount on any supplements recommended (if applicable)
  • Loads of support and care, and my personal passion and commitment to help you reach your goal.

YOUR INVESTMENT: £1,825 (payment plans available)

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OPTION 2: Kick Start to Health and Weight Loss 1:1 Coaching Programme (6 weeks): 

  • 90 minute initial consultation (as above)
  • 5 x 30 minute follow up coaching calls (weekly)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Access to my private Facebook group
  • Lifetime 10% discount on any supplements recommended (if applicable)

YOUR INVESTMENT: £597 (payment plans available)


OPTION 3: Breakthrough to Health & Weight Loss 3 Month Coaching Programme – a transformational group coaching programme to finally free you from confusion and overwhelm, and most importantly from the ongoing yo-yo cycle. The programme is designed to not only have you breaking through to sustainable weight loss, but also to transform your health, energy and habits, mindset and happiness.

YOUR INVESTMENT: £997 (payment plans available)

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What makes me different from others?

  • I’ve been there and done it all myself so I have first hand experience of being a chronic dieter, feeling and looking drained. It took me years to get to where I wanted to be but for you it doesn’t have to be that way, with my passion and commitment for helping you, you can by-pass all the confusion, frustration and trial and error I went through and start reaching your goal healthily, happily and sustainably! So with both my life experience and my education I am a powerful ally for you! I will teach you how your body works and about all the systems that need to be in balance to get you to optimum health and sustainable weight loss. You will learn how to optimize your gut health, manage your stress, balance your hormones, and enjoy your food, and more!
  • My advice isn’t just about food but the whole picture; your mindset, lifestyle, habits and emotional state are all covered. Anyone can be given a food plan and recommendations to go away with but my programme goes the extra mile when it comes to support and implementation.
  • You wont be feeling deprived or hungry, in fact you will be learning to eat MORE whilst breaking the pattern of yo-yo dieting and habits that aren’t serving you.
  • You will be held accountable for all the goals we set together to ensure full compliance and success! I will not have you going AWOL on me! I will always be steering you back on the road to success should you veer off (which will likely happen!)