How It Works

The programme is kicked off with a comprehensive health and lifestyle questionnaire completed by you ahead of a 90 minute intensive one to one Skype session after which you’ll receive your own personalised nutrition plan lifestyle and supplement (IF applicable) recommendations completely tailored to YOU, based on your own unique body, and set of lifestyle circumstances. This is a transformational nutrition and lifestyle coaching programme. We cover the WHOLE picture; mindset (which is KEY), lifestyle, nutrition, your feelings about yourself, and your relationships. 

Every day you will be able to interact with myself and the other ladies in the programme who are all on a similar journey to you, and your struggles are likely theirs too. The Facebook group is a great place for daily support and motivation as well as accountability throughout the programme.

Throughout the programme we will make sure you keep progressing by continually adapting your plan to suit your needs as we go along, its normal to hit a plateau and that’s the beauty of being in a long term programme as I can keep a close eye on how things are going to keep pushing you through. We’ll meet once a week on a group coaching call where you can get extra accountability and discuss your progress, wins, any struggles or issues you might be having, with me and the other ladies in the group and we’ll get you breaking through another week further towards success. There will always be ups and downs and the road will wind and have bumps but as long as you have the right support and the right people around you can get there so much quicker (and make SURE you DO get there) than if you were trying to do this alone.


You’ll have lifetime access to a comprehensive members area housing all the information and tools you need to successfully get through the programme and KEEP your results for the long term. You’ll find educational videos on exactly what to eat, how to eat, and why, how to shop, tips and tricks for travelling and eating out, plus learn about your hormones, gut health, liver health, sleep’s effect on your weight, mindset, lifestyle and more!

This is an exclusive programme that has YOU in mind throughout. I want success for you just as much as you do and so I invest a LOT of time and energy in all the ladies on the programme, which is why this all starts with a free Breakthrough Call to make sure that we’re the right fit and that I can definitely help you. So to get started book a no obligation call with me today and let’s talk, we’ll have 40 minutes to talk about YOU, you’re struggles and where you’re trying to get to, and its free.  

 Quick fix diets, diet shakes, diet pills, diet books, the latest sugar detox or other detoxes DO NOT WORK!

If these things worked there wouldn’t be so many amazing women, just like you, struggling with their weight.

If you’ve been going up and down in weight for longer than you’d care to think about then it’s time to do something different.

That’s where I come in. An amazing, strong and determined woman like you shouldn’t be doing another detox or fad diet to try to lose the weight (again!), instead you should be getting help from an expert who’s not only got the personal experience but the right qualifications to be dishing out advice as personal and sometimes complex as how to eat and live for optimal health and weight.

Another diet or detox won’t help you, what you need is this:

  • New habits that serve you whilst breaking old habits that are keeping you stuck
  • A healthy, strong and positive mindset
  • A healthy relationship with food
  • A healthy relationship with, and confidence in, your body and inner self
  • The RIGHT information, advice and tools to empower and help you both now and for the long-term.

Anyone can be given another plan to follow but if your mindset isn’t right (plus its likely going to be the wrong plan!) then it’s useless.

The programme is made up of one to one sessions an group coaching calls. You will get the EXACT steps you need to take to finally break through to amazing health and your ideal weight, combined with the weekly group coaching sessions to keep you accountable and on track throughout. Plus you’ll have lifetime access to the comprehensive members area that houses all the tools and education you’ll need to succeed both during and after the programme.

It will help you to….

  • Completely shift the way you view weight loss, eating and exercise, and break the cycle of repeating old habits that aren’t serving you, you will develop a passion for loving and nourishing your body and health everyday.
  • Lose weight without giving up the foods you love or going hungry; in fact you’ll likely be eating more food than you’re used to! There will be no extreme dieting or quick fixes here so be prepared to learn a new way of eating, living, and thinking; this is a change for life.
  • Keep your metabolism running high.
  • Have a positive relationship with food, eating, your body and your self.
  • Develop a strong and positive mindset which will benefit all aspects of your life not just your weight, making you happier, healthier and more confident than you’ve ever been.
  • Learn how your body works and how different foods and situations (e.g. stress, sleep, mood) affect your weight and health.
  • Learn how to look after your body and work with it not against it.
  • Learn how to maintain your weight loss results for life and not just see this as another diet; it’s far from just another diet. It’s NOT about willpower or having the discipline to stick to a plan – anyone can do that, it’s about learning the maintenance skills needed to be successful forever.

What makes me and this programme different from others?

  • I’ve been where you are. I was a chronic dieter and my relationship with food was pretty bad. Food was either ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and if I wasn’t in control of it I felt terrible. Plus there was the low energy, unhappy hormones, and digestive issues. I’ve spent YEARS training to become a qualified Nutritional Therapist so the help and advice you get is coming from a credible source, not just someone who’s done a 6 week online course.
  • We don’t just address the food piece but the WHOLE picture. Mindset is a KEY part of the journey, as well as, lifestyle, overall habits, stress and emotional wellbeing.
  • Anyone can be given a plan but it HAS to personalised to them, and the implementation part is the key part, so this programme provides you with top quality personalised advice, support and accountability to ensure you get there and stay there. I won’t let you go AWOL on this programme and when you hit bumps and cross roads I’ll be there to steer you back on course.
  • You wont be feeling deprived or hungry, in fact you will be learning to eat MORE whilst breaking the pattern of yo-yo dieting and habits that aren’t serving you.
  • Quick fix diets, restrictive plans and ‘detoxes’, and the mentality that comes with it, will be a thing of the past once you’ve been through this programme.

So, this programme is for you if….

  • You’ve tried multiple diets over the years and you’re fed up of being on the same treadmill of losing and gaining and you want out!
  • You’re committed to putting the work in and making changes to develop on the inside to bring permanent positive change on the outside.
  • You’re willing to invest both time wise and financially in yourself and in a programme that will passionately invest top quality time, support and effort in YOU.
  • You finally want hormonal balance, better digestive health, more energy, better sleep, better relationships, more self love and confidence, happiness and more!
  • You want to be a more positive person and make better choices for your health both emotional and physical, WITHOUT turning to food or alcohol for comfort.
  • You want to love yourself both inside and out and feel confident and comfortable in your body.